Ringing In.

It is here.  Just like I expected it to be.  A new year ripe with challenges, adventure, and hope.  

Fresh.  Like heaven-dropped frosty flakes sparkling in cool, winter sunbeams. 


So it’s out with the old.  And in keeping with years past, my heart grows faint at the thought of Christmas being packed away for another year.  There is something rather melancholy about an evening drive down a dimly-lit avenue that until only recently was blaring with Christmas cheer.  (Lovey simply cannot understand what has happened to all the pretties.  And I mourn with her.)  But the deed is done. 

We baked. 

We crafted.

We worshipped.
And posed pretty for pictures.

The gifts are now carefully stored away.  Mostly.  (Except for Peanut’s new cell phone which she mostly uses to take pictures of Ladybug’s messy room and report back to me.  Or Ladybug’s stereo for “dancing music” which I can only assume does not have an “off” switch.  Or Lovey’s barking puppy who seems to have no volume control.)  
(And on another side note, I must mention that I received no less than 4 lovely coffee cups, 9 tantalizing new coffees to try, and 2 fuzzy coffee cup cozies.  I am inclined to believe I have developed a reputation for such things.)

As this New Year’s Day draws to a close, I once more reflect on the year now gone.  If I could choose one word to describe it, I would undoubtedly say “Wonder.”  For only a year ago, I would never have guessed that my darling and I would be settling into this dreamy acreage (what an adventure in and of itself).  Or be expecting yet another baby (and be thus far beating the odds of such serious complications).  Or simply watching our sweet little ones grow another year older (please, stop the clock).  
As I plunge into this year, I expect great things.  Big things.  Simple things.  I want to slow down.  Giggle more.  And seize moments.  I want to stop worrying so much about fixing dinner and doing the laundry.  After all, no one has ever gone hungry or naked.  Yet.  And if they did, what a fine story that would be.  

Happy New Year, Coffee Lovers.  Drink up and live well.

Love & Coffee.

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“Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
    he’s the one who will keep you on track.”

Proverbs 3.5-6 (The Message) 


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