Silent Night.

The snow is swirling.  The windows are rattling.  And I am sipping a late-night cocoa to pass the time.  I should definitely be reveling in sweet beauty rest, but the promise of an old-fashioned Iowa blizzard makes me giddy to say the least.  

Sleep eludes me. 

Last winter thoroughly disappointed.  I am glad this year she has decided to redeem herself.  And before Christmas of all things.

It is our first winter here on the homestead.  And, of course, our first big snow.  I am curious how long it will take our lonely stretch of road to be plowed.  I can imagine the snow drifts will be deliciously unrivaled.  My camera is eager and ready.

(A flashback from last year’s winter:  Bring it on.)  

The girls are delightfully snug in their beds and undoubtedly dreaming of snow angels and hot cocoa.  The anticipation of such a lovely snow day is rich and welcome.  (Although a trifle unnerving, given my current physical condition.) 

Peaceful.  Quiet.  Still.  

A Silent Night.  

It happens to be their favorite.  The princesses three ask me to sing it nearly every night.  Year-round.  Christmas.  July.  Spring.  Whenever.  

“Silent night, holy night.
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon virgin, mother and child.
Holy infant so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.”

And it’s even prettier in it’s native German…

“Stille nacht, heilege nacht
Alles schlaft, einsam vacht.
Nur das traute hoch heilege par.
Alder knabe im lockigen har.
Schlaft in himmlischer rue.
Schlaft in himmlischer rue.” 

And since the lights are beginning to flicker, and I can barely hold open these sleepy eyes a moment longer, and a fantastical Winter Wonderland awaits me in the morning… I shall draw this day to a close.

Sleep in heavenly peace…

Love & Coffee.

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