Keeping Christmas.

“Keep Christ in Christmas.  Happy Holidays!”

That’s what the marquee down the main street in town says.  Seriously.  Does that seem strange to anyone else?  I mean, I am all for celebrating Jesus, but to me this seems like an interesting (and probably well-meaning) attempt at political correctness.  I guess that after scrolling through that leading intro, I was expecting… something else.

Sometimes I say “Merry Christmas.”  And sometimes I do say, “Happy Holidays.”  I might even utter the occasional “Season’s Greetings,” too.  (gasp!)  I don’t exactly understand why some people get so up-in-arms about that.  After all, we just gorged ourselves at Thanksgiving.  And New Year’s is just around the corner.  There will be others celebrating various holidays in between, and while I may not share their sentiment, I do not wish them to be unhappy.  


Christmas is in full swing here at the homestead.  Well, actually that is a lie.  It’s probably more like “half swing.”  Maybe even a quarter.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  The tree is up.  Presents are wrapped (mostly).  And we have already watched the Polar Express at least 13 times.  

At least.

It’s our first Christmas in the country.  I envisioned it somewhat differently.  Fresh-baked goodness is not pouring from the kitchen like it normally would be.  Not even a trickle.  There are lists of homemade gifts and piles of supplies sitting lonely and unmade.  Perhaps, some time in the dwindling days before Christmas, I will manage to eek out a double batch of sugar cookies for my girlies to decorate.  Or maybe The Man will help me to dig my sewing machine out of storage so I can whip up a few last-minute surprises.  And maybe, just maybe, I will defy doctor’s orders and bake a Bouche de Noel for Christmas dinner with my lovely ladies.

It seems entirely unnatural to be sitting still so much.  My sanity is slipping and my laundry basket is overflowing.  It’s funny how rallying the troops (who are appropriately bedecked in pink glitter and lip gloss) and shouting marching orders (ever-so-softly) from the couch is consuming so much of my time. 

Thank.  God.  For.  Coffee. 

But my angels are sweet.  The Man is amazing.  And baby is well.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Love & Coffee.

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