Please, don’t tell my calendar I am here.  It scares me.  

I am officially in hiding.  I have gone a little AWOL as of late.  And every precious moment of down time I can wrangle has been devoted to my sweet angels.  (That would also include my hubby.) 

How did September get like this?  October isn’t shaping up to be any better.  So I embrace the fullness of life and make the most of every moment.  Sans caffeinated coffee.

I would also like to take this moment to state that my hubby is a rock star.  Numero uno:  He has resigned himself to decaf coffee for the duration of this pregnancy.  He claims it’s for health reasons, but I think he secretly loves me.  A lot.  Point #2:  After 4 days without hot water, that smokin’ hunk of a man fixed the water heater.  Fact three:  He bought me ice cream.

He.  Is.  My.  Hero.

Peanut is way too smart for her britches (she has bested me in science, but please, don’t tell her that), Ladybug lost her second tooth (popped right out onto the table at breakfast last week), and Lovey continues to eat my deodorant (I stumbled onto her secret stash hidden behind the futon in the spare bedroom today).  *sigh* 

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the cooler fall temperatures and feeling especially inspired to whip up all kinds of tasty food.  I have a whole slew of new recipes to post soon.

I also have a freezer full of deer meat and nary an idea what to do with it.  I am open to suggestions, should anyone have some.

Love & Coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Hiding.

  1. Kelly, what kind of deer meat do you have? You can use ground deer as tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes, etc. you just have to add a little oil because it is extremely lean. Deer steaks are wonderful fixed like chicken fried steak with gravy. Deer is really good for you. Good luck! Let me know how your family likes it.


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