All gassed up.

As in fuel.  The 10% ethanol kind.  And a heck of a lot poorer, too.

So this whole livin’-in-the-country-drivin-20-minutes-to-town-every-time-I-turn-around-thing has seriously been causing me to have a mild coronary each time I pull into the filling station.  Add to that all the baby doctor visits I get to make to the big city that is just over 70 minutes away and I am in a bad way. 

$3.82?  For ONE gallon?  

I remember when Dad could flip me a twenty in high school and I was good for a full tank with enough spare change to score a box of Junior Mints besides.  (See Days Like This.)

I put in a twenty these days and can not even make it halfway there.  Bummer.

Please, don’t take this as the pregnant-lady-who-hasn’t-had-her-Dairy-Queen-fix rant (although, it sure would be nice if one of these sweet little towns around here would oblige me by building one).   It could also be the fact that I’m still subsisting on decaf, but I digress…

I am saying all this to say… I am about to eat crow.  

Most of the people who are anywhere remotely close to me know that I am probably one of Walmart’s biggest anti-fans.  I just really dislike the entire experience.  The lackluster customer service, the missing shelf prices, the mis-labeled aisles, and my personal favorite… waiting twenty minutes (or more) to check out with my shampoo and razor blades because they choose to have two out of their twenty-something cash registers actually open.  I just don’t get it.  And I will go anywhere else I can in town to get what I need before I resort to old W.  Unfortunately, in a small town such as this, there often isn’t much of a choice.

But then…  I heard something.  In truth, I don’t even remember it’s source.  A commercial?  A print ad?  A friend?

Regardless, I stumbled onto the fact that when you use a Walmart gift card (which are awesomely reloadable) to pay for your gas at Murphy USA (the Walmart-affiliated gas station), you get $.10 off every gallon.  

Ten.  Cents.  Off.

True story.  No fees.  Nothing.  It’s a straight up deal.

I raced to Walmart to pick out the prettiest card I could find.  Mine has mums (my favorite flower).  Hubby’s is about as uninteresting can be.  Orange with a grocery cart.  (Boo.)

So for now, Walmart, you have won a little piece of my heart.  

Well played, Wally World.

I am fully aware that the jig is up on December 24.  There only forty-five minutes between me and Target.  I hope you have some other fancy trick up your sleeve by then or the love may be lost for good.  

Love & Coffee.

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2 thoughts on “All gassed up.

  1. I had heard rumors of Wal-mart and a gas program, but I wasn't sure what the details were. thanks! We have a grocery store near us that offers fuel perks when you buy certain items each week. I always try to take advantage of those deals and then save money at the pump later. Love it!


  2. ten cents per gallon in my 16 gallon tank — $1.60. I'd have to think about that since i'm with you in that i'm just not a walmart fan. i don't like the way they run out the small family businesses in towns.


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