Patriot Day.

I am out of words really.  Tears speak louder these days.  Still so fresh.  I cried all morning as I watched the news footage.  Again.  

I cried all yesterday as I searched for some sort of age-appropriate activity or video to help my little ones commemorate this day.  In the end, it was better to just speak from my heart.  And show them a few photos.  And honor the heroes of the day.  

And, of course, squeeze them tightly with lots of kisses.

Peanut asked, “Were there children on those planes?”  Ladybug bravely stated, “If I saw a terrorist, I would beat them up and kick them in an important place.”  Lovey just kept coloring.

My heart is sad, yet full of hope for the future.  

I do not think I can recount the rush of emotion from that day any better than I did in last year’s post.  (I Remember.)  Still feels like yesterday.

So undeniably proud to be an American. 

Love & Coffee.

To view last year’s Patriot Day post click on this link:  (I Remember.)  

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