Has it been…

40 weeks yet?  *sigh*  No?

I admit this pregnancy is positively crawling along.  

I’m tired.  Dog tired.  Pregnant at 33 is a heck of a lot different than pregnant at 25.  Perhaps it’s my age or perhaps it’s simply the fact that I have three lovelies to chase around all day long.  Any way you slice it, I’m tired.  

Or it could be that I have successfully (well, mostly) kicked my caffeine habit for the time being.  (Except a couple of nights ago when I absolutely went crazy and had a lovely cup of coffee with dinner and found myself still wide awake playing Yahtzee on my Kindle at 2:30 am.  Bad choice.)  

 New rule.  If I must cave to the caffeine, it must occur before noon.  Period.  No exceptions.  End of story.

I have been waiting for that mythical second trimester energy boost to kick in.   

Still waiting 

Mythical, I tell you.  

The good news is that after eight days of a nasty virus making the rounds here at home, we are finally well.  Finally.  

And I am nesting.  Early, I know, but nesting just the same.  I cleaned the rugs, scrubbed and polished the wood floors, reorganized the utility room and the pantry, and formulated a plan of attack for the rest of the house.

Come to think of it… maybe that’s why I’m so tired.

Either way. 

I’m tired.   

Love & Coffee.

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