School Days.

It begins.

Monday was the first day of school.  I am a home school mom and there are countless things I love about our school. 
In so many ways I am ready.  In others, not so much.  I am ready in the sense that I vehemently crave the routine that goes into a school day after a carefree summer.  It’s funny how that school routine seems to carry over into other areas of my life.  Everything is on a schedule.  I plan meals more carefully.  Laundry actually gets put away.  Dishes are done.  Order is restored. 

I am not ready when I think about the fact that summer is essentially done and my girlies are now a full grade ahead of themselves.

Third grade.  First grade.  Preschool.
My sweet babies are… older.  How does this happen? 

As with most families this time of year, we have been riddled with doctor appointments.  Well checks, immunizations, dentist appointments, not to mention the slew of baby doctor visits I have since added to my schedule.  

It’s been an amazingly healthy year for our family.  Until now.  

Funny how perfectly healthy people make visits to do the doctor to confirm they are healthy and two days later, the entire family is chilling with fever, subsisting on Tylenol, and overfilling every available trash receptacle with spent tissues.

It seems that everyone is now well.  Except me, of course.

No rest for the wicked, however.  The cupboards are bare and they won’t fill themselves.  Off to the grocery I go….

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