We are three.
Two.  Plus.  One.
Sisters.  Friends.  Treasures.
I count it blessing that God saw fit to grant me two beautiful sisters.  There are but 2 1/2 years that separate us, but I remember the day well.  I spent the day at Grammy & Grandpie’s house while we anxiously awaited a phone call from the hospital.  (Remember those days?  Before play-by-play facebook status updates.  Before routine ultrasounds.  Before…)
Grammy graciously let me take the call.  There was elation.  And disappointment.  My mother shared the news as Grammy excitedly asked, “So… what are they???”  With a long face, I answered,  “They’re white ones.”  I had desperately wanted “chocolate” babies and no matter how many times it was explained to me that this wouldn’t be possible for our family… I wished for a miracle.  
In the end, it worked out.  I had two sisters to love and laugh with, tickle and torture, and we would share the wonder of life together.  
And as a consolation prize, I was awarded a “chocolate” baby doll.  The consolation prizes would continue for years.  I looked forward to March 13.  Being the odd one out during the twins’ birthday apparently earned me the privilege of presents.  (Boy, did I have them fooled.  I would have been happy with cake…)

Today we may be separated by distance (albeit less distance than other times of our lives), yet we are bound in heart and in spirit.  My greatest wish is for my three little lovelies to embrace the strength, sincerity, and support of sisterhood.

I love you, Sweet Sisters.  
Happy Twentytenth Birthday! 

“Lord, help the mister, who comes between me and my sister…”


1 thought on “Sisters.

  1. Pink marshmallows, boogy men, our beautiful sheet-bed canopies, lies that aren't lies till the next day, our fun tape recordings, butt busters, and I see big things!!… I won't say life was always simple… Especially for our parents… But life was prefect having sisters like you two. Loved you!!!


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