Rest In Peace, My Frigid Friend.

I first suspected something was up the evening before.  I sampled a bit of cheese that did not seem quite cold enough, but I easily shrugged it off.

Dear hubby had an inkling the next morning, when the milk tasted warm, but in his haste to get to work on time chalked it up to nothing.

It wasn’t until the noon hour when I realized something smelled fishy.  Like literally.  I opened the freezer to prepare lunch and caught a skin-crawling whiff of “something-seriously-died-in-here.”

What the heck?

I cautiously poked a package of ground beef.  Mush.  My homemade turkey stock.  Slosh.  And the deer steaks?  Forget about it.  They were history.

I am embarrassed to say I haven’t cooked much in the last week or so.  In the last seven days we have had no less than 5 parties/banquets to attend or host.  (And two more big events I am hosting/planning in the coming week!  Not sure how this all got on the calendar in such a tight span of time, but its never happening again.)  So yeah.  My life is pretty intense right now.  Who could blame me for not noticing that my faithful fridge had gone kaput?  At least the light bulb was still working.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not entirely disappointed.  Inconvenienced?  Yes.  Devastated?  Not completely.  You see, we have been waiting for this to happen.  Old Faithful’s days were numbered.  We inherited her from my parents in 2005.  Prior to that, my parents received her circa 1995 from friends who rescued her from yet another previous owner.  (I am confident she is almost as old as I am.) 

When I made the disgustingly delightful discovery, I phoned my sweet hubby at work right away.  (“Houston, we have a problem.”)  Of course, he was involved in a lunch meeting so after I hastily broke the news, he quickly muttered something like “I’ll look into getting it repaired and call you back later.”    


Not exactly the response I was hoping for.  What he didn’t understand was that my 2-days-ago grocery trip was entirely spoiled and I had three feisty children begging me for lunch.  (And I really, really wanted a new refrigerator.  Like something manufactured in this century.)  

This called for an impromptu trip to Subway and a quest to find something from the grocery store for dinner that wouldn’t require any refrigeration.  My solution?


Then the phone rang.  And I heard it.  “Honey, I think maybe it’s time we look into getting a new refrigerator.”  Sweeter words could not have been spoken in that moment.  

So I’m going refrigerator shopping.  Soon.  For the first time ever 

Suggestions?  I’d love to hear what you like.  (Or don’t like.)

I don’t need a Cadillac and I am definitely on a budget, but after all these years, I’m in the market for something pretty stinkin’ nice.

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1 thought on “Rest In Peace, My Frigid Friend.

  1. If everything were easy and flowed nicely…we wouldn’t realize WHO the provider is! However, that must have been mighty frustrating for you! This blog was (dated) a long time ago, I see, but fresh memories surface when you think about it I am sure. My dad used to say, “You get down to your last nickel and you need a dime every time!” I think of his statement every now and again.

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