Love and Cheese.

Beyond measure.  Blessed.  The man I call my husband is my greatest treasure.  My best friend.  My confidante.  My life.

I love this man.

And today in celebration of love, I honor him.  My hero.  My knight.  My heart.

Traditionally, my sweetie and I take turns plotting our Valentine’s Day shenanigans.  And there isn’t usually much that is very traditional about it.  Sure, red roses are pretty standard, but I’ve always preferred yellow.  Conversation hearts are a chalky distraction and cheap chocolate will never find room in my heart.

A couple of years ago, it was my turn.  (I have found that finding a great babysitter on Valentine’s Day is pretty darn near impossible so we whisk the kids off to bed a trifle early and plan a quiet evening at home together.)  That particular year, I prepared a cheese tasting for two.  By candlelight.  I like my cheese the same way I like my coffee and my chocolate.  Rich, indulgent, and flavorful.

I carefully cut and prepared several cheeses and arranged them on a silver tray.  I served a sparkling white grape juice, crackers, grapes, and of course… Ghirardelli chocolates.  The cheeses included a hearty Gruyere, an imported Irish white cheddar, and a creamy brie.  I do not exaggerate when I say the cheese that stole the evening was the Limburger.  My hubby and I had never tasted Limburger before.  In fact, the only knowledge I had of the stinky cheese was from the crazy antics I had seen from actors on various tv shows and movies. I was convinced they were exaggerating.

I.  Was.  Wrong.

I have never before tasted a rotting rat carcass, but I am pretty sure it must taste something like Limburger cheese.  My dear husband wouldn’t even allow me to keep it in the refrigerator for fear of it contaminating the neighboring food.  (Of course, it was one of the more costly cheeses, but into the trash it went.)  Up until that evening, I had never met a cheese I couldn’t get along with.  

(After the cheese, the evening took a delightfully bizarre turn which resulted in a Perfect Strangers marathon.  Yeah, remember those guys???  Perhaps it was the Limburger talking…)

Last year, for Lee’s turn, he erred on the side of caution and surprised me with a new coffee machine, a pound of my favorite brew, and a box of good chocolate.  

Divine perfection.

This year’s antics are yet to be seen… but I do believe it’s my turn

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I wish you love, happiness, and coffee.

Coffee and love are best when they are hot.”

My favorite Limburger cheese movie moment…


 Hang my locket around your neck,
   wear my ring on your finger.
Love is invincible facing danger and death.
   Passion laughs at the terrors of hell.
The fire of love stops at nothing—
   it sweeps everything before it.
Flood waters can’t drown love,
   torrents of rain can’t put it out.
Love can’t be bought, love can’t be sold—
   it’s not to be found in the marketplace.
Song of Sologmon 8.6-8 (MSG)

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