I may be in a new-to-me house, but the fact remains… the only dishwashers I possess are at the end of my arms.  They are called hands.  And they serve me well.  Honestly, I am not sure what I’d do if I did have a dishwasher.  I have grown so accustomed to hand-washing every grimy dish (with love, of course).

I do some of my best thinking while I do the evening dishes.  If I choose to add music, I also do some of best dancing in front of the sink, much to the embarrassment of my 7-year-old, Peanut (who cocks her head, rolls her eyes, flips her hair at me and darts out of the room).

But on occasion, there arises a beastly baked-on, crusty mess of a pot or pan.  (I have one particular skillet that is a serial offender.  I am not quite sure why I haven’t thrown it out by now.)  These times call for the use of excessive force.  There are plenty of things on the market to combat this sort of thing: all manner of scrubby pads and powerful cleaning agents.  Most of them are okay and work well, but most of us have the tools to get the job done right in our own kitchen without spending any extra cold, hard cash.

All you need:

All Purpose Vinegar Cleaning Solution  (8 oz. warm water with 8 oz. white vinegar in a spray bottle)
1 leftover plastic mesh bag (like the ones used to package oranges or onions)
1 rubber band (optional)
Baking soda (optional:  for the really tough stuff)

1.  Start by spraying the offending gobblety-gook (I am pretty sure that’s a technical term.) with all-purpose vinegar cleaner and let soak for about 5 minutes  (Just enough time for a coffee break…)

(You can read more about the homemade vinegar solution here:  Super Secrets.)

2.   Use the mesh bag as a scrub pad to finish the job!  You can simply wad it up in your hand or use a rubber band to secure into a ball shape for easier scrubbing.

3.  For really tough messes, let the pot sit in the vinegar solution longer and sprinkle with baking soda.  The natural reaction between the vinegar and baking soda will power away stuck-on food, making it easier to scrub away.  Voila!

Do I like my coffee black?  There are other colors?

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