Snap Judgments.

I am certainly guilty of it.  Most of us are.  Making quick assumptions about people that are often faulty and incorrect.  (I like to blame it on inadequate coffee consumption, but sadly, that’s not usually true either…)

It’s at this time of year that I fondly recall the the memory of my beloved fuzzy, pink gloves.  They were new.  And fuzzy.  Very, very fuzzy. 

While driving in a residential area near our apartment building that day, an oncoming car pulled out around a parked car, forcing me to brake when I clearly had the right of way.  After a long day at the office, I was beyond frustrated.  I muttered a few unpleasant words and was ready to lay on the horn at this inconsiderate driver.  This person needed to know they were wrong.  And I was right.

As the car approached, I caught a glimpse of the driver and she was none other than my mother!  The woman who bore me.  Flesh and blood.  Weighted by guilt, I clasped my hand over my mouth and gasped… a big gasp.  And as I did so, every pink, fuzzy fiber in that pink, fuzzy glove entered my nasal cavity and down into my mouth and throat.  

In an instant, I was besieged by a coughing fit, unmatched to this day.  My nose itched.  My mouth burned.  My throat was on fire.  Which in turn made my eyes water.  I could hardly breathe and I could barely see the road.  Only a few blocks from home, I sped the entire way, ran up the flight of steps and into my apartment.  I pushed my sweet hubby aside and downed gallons of water in an attempt to remedy this ridiculous malady.  Eventually, it worked.  But I never wore those gloves again.  

I often think about the day my fuzzy, pink gloves nearly did me in.  And how rushing to judgment rendered me a fool.  

Everyone deserves second chances.  Everyone has a story.  Mine is still being written.  And so is theirs.  

Hoping and praying for some pretty big things this week.  May God grant me grace to share the love that I know and see the good in everyone I encounter… and may my words be sweet.

And coffee. Always coffee.

“Gracious speech is like clover honey—
   good taste to the soul, quick energy for the body.”

Proverbs 16.24 (The Message) 

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2 thoughts on “Snap Judgments.

  1. Must have been the same apartment she got stuck over the speed bump! 🙂 I can vividly picture your story and I laughed! 🙂 Praying for you, may your words be sweet… please pray for me too. ~ Julie


  2. Thank you for sharing this with us Kelly, I so agree with you that we cannot and should not rush to assume something or make quick accusations! I'm so glad you dropped by and I really welcomed this contribution last week to the Seasonal Celebration Linky- a great collection of seasonal recipes, homemaking, crafts, homeschooling and motherhood thank you so much!
    Seasonal Celebration is live once more, so feel free to pop over and join this wonderful celebration of creative talent!
    Fellow coffee worshipper- Rebecca x


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