Creature Comforts.

“Knitting, he thought, was a comfort to the soul. It was regular. It was repetitious. And, in the end, it amounted to something”

–Father Tim from At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

There is a certain comfort to be found in the familiar.  A steamy morning coffee.  An old song laden with memories.  A dependable friend.  

And today is a noteworthy day in my little world.  Eleven years ago, I began the most remarkable of journeys with “my dependable friend.”  

It’s our date-aversary.  

Perhaps we are among only a handful of couples that celebrate the anniversary of our first date, but it’s a pretty big day in my mind.  Without it, there certainly would have been no wedding and no children.  We spent the day at an apple orchard in Minnesota and then he took me to Applebee’s.  (We love apples… and by association, Applebee’s.)

I don’t write about my stellar husband very often and I think he prefers it that way.  

Because of the nature of his line of work, we frequently moved around the country early on in our marriage (four states… one of them twice).  We soon learned that no matter what happens, what relationships are formed, what connections are made, the only thing we took with us when we moved was each other.  We made a decision to more intentionally invest in our relationship and our marriage, because in the end, it would amount to something.

This road has not been perfect.  It has not been easy.  But I would gladly do it all over again.  

(We know a married couple that claims they never have an argument, but instead engage in “intense fellowship.”  Beautifully stated.  I must admit there has been a little “intense fellowship” along the way, but I suppose that is how we keep things interesting.)

I choose to love this man.  Every day.  Even when I don’t feel like it. (Even after he has forgotten to rinse out his cereal bowl.  Again.)  And I am grateful he chooses to love me back.  (Even after I forgot to iron his Sunday shirt.  Again.) 

It’s a beautiful partnership.  I respect his work, his provision, and his leadership.  And he loves me.  No matter what. 

And then there’s the coffee.  Our mutual love for this celestial brew is unmatched.  You are a treasure, my dependable friend.

I love you madly.

“Hang my locket around your neck,

   wear my ring on your finger.
Love is invincible facing danger and death.
   Passion laughs at the terrors of hell.
The fire of love stops at nothing—
   it sweeps everything before it.
Flood waters can’t drown love,
   torrents of rain can’t put it out.
Love can’t be bought, love can’t be sold—
   it’s not to be found in the marketplace.”

Song of Solomon 8.6-7 (MSG)

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