World Food Day. #BAD11

Today is the day.  

It’s World Food Day.  A worldwide event designed to increase awareness and understanding.  It’s a call to year-round action to alleviate hunger.

It’s also Blog Action Day, which quite intentionally coincides with World Food Day this year.
Food is powerful.  
Food sustains life.  Food unites.  Food brings joy.  
This is evidenced at any American Thanksgiving table or in the sweetness of a lunch with a dear friend.

But it is also a luxury that so many do not know.  I revel in the food choices I am afforded every day.  Salad or sandwich?  Chicken or steak?  Apple or peach?  While worldwide, children beg for a mere cup of rice of a handful of beans.
I am something of a food snob.  I readily admit that.  I take pleasure in my organics and I love full flavors.  However, I am astonished that the same $8.00 that buys me 15 deliciously organic apples could have purchased 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras to grow and sell fruit at their local market.  Wow.  Now that’s perspective.

So how does this bit of knowledge translate into everyday life?

It is why on the top of my refrigerator sits a metal canister with a picture of a starving African child pasted on it’s side.  It reminds me that I am fortunate.  On the days when I cannot afford a fancy dinner date with my husband, and I am relegated to the kitchen to “slave” over a hot stove, I don’t really have it all that bad.  As I empty my pockets at the end of each day to “feed” this child atop my fridge, I am reminded that perhaps I could empty more of myself, by serving those in need.

It is why I support organizations like Convoy of Hope, who are currently serving more than 100,000 children in seven different nations, by providing nutritious meals and clean, safe water.  They are also involved in the education of community leaders, teaching them agricultural techniques and setting up healthy living environments.
It is why I care.  And I am oh-so-thankful for what I have. And I hope my children will truly understand how good they have it around here.

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” 
Luke 6.28 (MSG) 

I’d stop drinking coffee, but I’m no quitter...

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011

2 thoughts on “World Food Day. #BAD11

  1. Nice article… also a nice thought to support organizations that are feeding people world wide. But yea one thing, I can't quit my morning caffeine 😀 somehow I am addicted to it..


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