Daily Dozer #1

(Hey, look!  It is a guest post from none other than… The Man!)


Dozer at 9 weeks

So! It’s finally happened. We have a boy dog in the family.  We call him Dozer.

We researched. We planned. We paid. A lot.

In fact, we paid more than I have ever imagined paying for any pet. All of the gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, cats, and puppies I have had as a child, barely reach the total down payment of my little guy. Though, here we are with our little furry friend.

I drove over 300 miles round-trip to pick him up from the breeder’s farm. Leaving at 5:30 am, I was determined to get my guy home so he could have the afternoon to acclimate. I was home by 1:30 pm the same day.

Needless to say, it was “puppy love” at first sight. Everyone. Was. In. LOVE. Thankfully our little guy was just as eager to reciprocate the affection. He has a warm temperament and currently exhibiting traits of a medium energy dog. He is absolutely beautiful.

The downside… Potty training. House breaking. Whatever you want to call it: It. Is. Hard.

The long trip home inside the kennel didn’t bode well with the little guy, and left a bit of a challenge for crate training. What to do. I slept next to him, on the carpet, all night long.  I am sore and tired, but hardened by the experience of having four daughters. I can change a poopy diaper and serve the night watch until the wee hours of the morning. I am battle ready, but a little out of shape and a little out of practice. This is all very new.

The first night ended in the black: 6 messes in the house and 7 outside. So far…  so fair I guess.  The next day, he got an even better score: only a few messes with the majority of trips outdoors being successful.

Now to tackle the other issues. Like the crate. We’re trying to make it the coolest place to be. I resorted to smearing peanut butter inside the crate walls to get him back inside. My goal is to get him to spend longer periods of enjoyable time in his crate.  I need sleep.

Thank God for a great wife, family and coffee machine.


The Man

Love & Coffee.

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