The “Liver-ing” Room

That’s what Lovey callsBeautiful yellow, red, green color cups it. 

 Every.  Day. 

“May I eat my snack in the ‘liver-ing’ room?”  “Will you read to me in the ‘liver-ing’ room?”  “Let’s play Legos in the ‘liver-ing’ room!” 

Lovey obviously means the living room and she’s been saying that for nearly a year now.  I am entirely uncertain as to where it came from.  I just cannot help but giggle at this silly word. 

Every.  Time.

To me, a “liver-ing” room conjures odd images of a place of unpleasant things.  A place, perhaps, where unfortunate children in drab, gray frocks are force-fed an unsavory meal of liver and onions as a cruel form of punishment. 

“Your room isn’t tidy?  You didn’t eat your peas?  You colored on the wall again?  To the ‘liver-ing’ room!”  (Sly grin.  Evil laugh.)

Maybe we should call it the “Family Room” instead. 

Or perhaps I just need another cup of coffee while watching the sunrise through the picture window in the “Liver-ing” room.

Love & Coffee.

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