Better than a card.

For The Man.

So you’re not into cards.  Here you go:

Happy Anniversary.  

11 years.  (Does this make us old yet?)

10 of them with kids.  (What exactly did we do with our time when we were always saying we were busy before they got here?  Yeah, I don’t know either.)

9 vehicles.  (Remember when the ’72 AMC Hornet died?  Again.  And me “pushing” it down Fleur Drive with the Lumina?  Those were the days.)

8 houses.  (Wowza!  We should stop moving.  Like, seriously.)

7 cell phones. (When we got married, we still had phones with antennas you had to extend to make a call.  And we thought text messages were ridiculous.  Who in their right mind would ever do that???  It will never catch on…)

6 in the family.  (We’ve multiplied ourselves times three!  Now THAT is something.)

5 trips to ER for your fish allergy.  (I think we have learned some very valuable lessons here.  Let’s not tempt fate in the future… and that’s all I will say about that.)

4 daughters.  (So last year at this time, who knew there would be four???  Ha!)

3 snow shovels.  (Maybe this year we’ll stop misplacing the previous year’s shovel and not buy another new one.  Or maybe we’ll just stop moving reducing our chances of misplacing it in the first place.  In some cultures, three snow shovels might bring good luck.  Or it might just mean we have an astonishing amount of snow shovels.)

2 star-crossed lovers.  (Well, most days.  Some days I’m just cross.  But kiss me and do the dishes and that will usually turn things around.)

1 bottle of Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil from the Body Shop.  (I know it’s your favorite.  And they don’t make it anymore.  But I’ll still let you sniff the bottle, because we are celebrating something special.)

I said all that to say this…

I.  Love.  You.

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Love & coffee.

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