Unsolicited kisses.

They seem to be in plentiful supply these days.  And oh, how I love unsolicited kisses.  You know, the ones that come completely out of nowhere.  Unexpected.  Impromptu.  And entirely sincere.

Unsolicited kisses.

They come from my Sweet Pea baby, sloppy and wet.  They come from my Lovey, wild and untamed.  They come from my Ladybug, sweet and tender.  They come from my half-grown, Peanut, albeit restrained and heartfelt.  And they come from The Man, always welcome and anticipated. 

And God sends them, too.

They come in an early sunrise, fresh and warm.  They come in a morning walk, brisk and bold.  They come in melodious birdsong, joyful and bright.


There is no shortage of love to go around here.  New life to be celebrated and milestones to be marked.  Spring is springing and cabin fever will soon be put to rest.  I believe I even shed a tear or two this morning over my coffee, watching last year’s kittens prowl about the lawn.  Life is churning and plodding on all around me.  I could blame it on the current sleep shortage in our home (Sweet Pea seems to be a night owl thus far), but really it’s just too wildly beautiful when you think about it.  

Plan for the day:

Daydreaming of uninterrupted slumber.  Sipping a cozy coffee.  And savoring sweet kisses, unsolicited.  

Love & Coffee. 

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