9 Lives?

So along with my profound love for the changing of the season, my sweet little ones are learning to deal with the seasons of life.  (Cue Lion King soundtrack.)   

As we were feeding the sweet little kittens recently, the girls noticed our sweet Fozzy wasn’t there.  It wasn’t unusual, because as country cats those critters roam all over and come whenever they please.  Later that evening, we discovered him in the road just in front of the mailbox.  Just like a pancake.  


I cried.  I’m pregnant.  So I really cried.  He was my favorite.  

When we arrived home from church later that evening we couldn’t see him in the road. Ladybug said sweetly, “Oh, heaven has already come for him.”  (Or a coyote.)  Nevertheless, bestill my heart.  I love that child.

And I miss my kitty.  

Loving on the kittens.

Boss Kitty (the gutsy, orange, and dangerously overweight cat who is Garfield incarnate) has been missing for weeks.  I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that he has tempted fate one too many times by wrangling with a combine or one of the free-spirited teenagers who speed down our road.  

In other news, I am officially declaring that I am giving up on giving up coffee.  It’s simply not working.  I love this baby and I take pregnancy pretty seriously, but this girl has got to have a little more caffeine in the tank or life will not be possible.  Or at the very least, I will be a more pleasant person to deal with on a daily basis.  One a day.  And then it’s on to decaf… ugh.  

I hope this is not a slippery slope… 

Love & Coffee.

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