That’s where I’m going.  Away.  I am utterly beside myself.  For seven long days, I will be road-tripping away from my family.  Yes, the three angels and my devilishly handsome husband.  This has never happened before.  Ever.
I never leave my babies.  I am just one of those mamas that is always… here.  It’s a business trip of sorts.  Necessary and pleasurable.  I am blessed to be traveling with good friends.  I intend to keep myself busy enough to make it go fast so I can come home to my sweet girls and the aforementioned hubby.
He is certainly more than capable. I have no doubts about that.  But nevertheless, Honey… a few notes:
1.  Deodorant must remain under lock and key.  Or Lovey will eat it.  We both know this.  The number for Poison Control is on the fridge.
2.  Sharpies belong on the the high shelf.  Or Lovey will suck the ink out of those, too.  Again, the number for Poison Control is on the fridge.
3.  If Ladybug says her room is clean, one look under the bed and into her closet will prove otherwise.
4.  Peanut will undoubtedly refuse to eat if any food on her plate is touching another food on her plate.  You can also forget about it if you touch any of her food with your bare fingers.  Or speak in her general direction, causing spittle to possibly contaminate her food.  Germophobia is not genetic.  I swear.  
5.  Lovey can now scale the kitchen cupboards unassisted.  She is entirely capable of consuming an entire container of popcorn salt, colored sugar, or birthday sprinkles in about 10 seconds flat.  Stay on your toes.  If this happens, flush with water and brace yourself for the imminent sugar high to follow.
6.  It is Ladybug’s turn to put the soap in the dishwasher, regardless of what anyone may try to tell you.  I have drawn up a schedule.  It’s on the fridge, right next to the number for Poison Control.  
7.  There is a container of chocolate ice cream hidden in the back of freezer.  Feel free to self-medicate.  
8.  If Lovey eats my herbal face wash again, don’t sweat it.  Jason from Poison Control says it’s harmless.  Yeah, we are on a first-name basis.  I think you will like him!  And once again, the number is on the fridge. 
9.   Potty training for Lovey is not going well.  Consider yourself warned.  Good luck with that. 
10.  When all else fails…  coffee.
Kiss my babies.  Takes loads of pictures.  And call often.
Love & Coffee.
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