I have been forever on the look-out for a great cheese sauce recipe.  

I miss my dear Grandma’s famous macaroni & cheese and aside from never even remotely approaching her greatness, the processed cheese isn’t that good for me anyway.  

(You can read more about my last attempt here:  Dear Grandma.) 

My sweet girls are suckers for mac & cheese, yet I cringe a little every time I set a runny mess of pre-packaged orange noodles on the table. 

I had a pretty good go at things the other night with a cheddar cheese sauce, but it still needs some work.  The girlies gobbled it up and that’s always a good sign!  Almost anything homemade is going to be cheaper and healthier and that’s something I can feel good about all around.

My friend, Lori, (who is a superbly fabulous cook) once posted her cheese sauce recipe on her blog (made from real cheese!).  I can hardly wait to try it as it looks amazing.  Lori knows her way around a kitchen so I know it must be good.  As a bonus, she also includes her Alfredo sauce recipe.  Go here to check it out:  Cheddar Cheese Sauce.

Lori’s blog, 4newtons, has some other really great recipes featuring whole foods.  Her spinach dip is pretty amazing, too.

Grandma’s Mac is about to get a makeover…

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