The Week.

Last week.
My sweet husband will readily tell you that he doesn’t particularly care for that week.  He is not ever quite prepared for it.  And quite frankly when it’s all said and done… we are mostly broke.
It’s that week.  The week where one right after the other comes Peanut’s birthday, my birthday, Mother’s day, and graduation all in one sweep.  We devour cake til we burst at the seams, host hoards of   screaming, rambunctious  sweet, calm, and lovely girls for a sleepover, and deliver well wishes to esteemed graduates til the cows come home.  And somewhere in there, sweet hubby will find time to slip me a thoughtful card or whisk me away to a fabulous dinner.  Sometimes both.
To celebrate the passage of another year, I sipped expensive coffee, indulged in good chocolate, and savored every moment with my adorable little family.  
And I miss blogging.  Can’t wait to post some new recipes later this week.  And catch up on everything.
Now if I can just get through dance recital next week…
Love & coffee!
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