Going Rogue.

Ah.  Monday.  He shows up precisely every seven days, yet I am never quite prepared for him.

The deep, earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee is wafting through my kitchen as I savor every pleasurable drop of coffee heaven.  For just a few more minutes, I would like to forget about the miles-long to-do list awaiting me on the kitchen counter.  Would love to run and hide for a bit longer…

The weekend proved to be entirely rejuvenating.  Although we still work and primarily conduct our daily business and errands in the “big” town 20 minutes away (population 7000ish), we are only 2 minutes away from the “little” town (population not-quite-a-1000) that is now a part of my address.  We ventured to the “little” town just to explore and meet people.  We dined at the sweet little eatery on main street, picked up some locally made root beer and barbecue sauce at the darling market on the corner, and watched the girls play and make some new friends at the local park.  God has an uncanny way of putting me in places I never thought I would be.  And helping me to love it anyway.  And I am truly content.

I am adjusting to country life quite nicely and have even taken a liking to the stray cats who hang around the house and love to sleep in our garage.  Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am not a cat person.  I am not even really an animal person, although I am looking forward to getting a dog in the near future.  We have a fat yellow cat.  A really fat cat.  It occurred to me the other day that this cat is probably more than just fat.  I haven’t seen her in at least ten days, although I have searched high and low.  Perhaps something wonderful has happened… 

The white and gray cat sits on the deck off the kitchen and watches me work.  She slightly creeps me out.  The sweet little gray tom hunts June bugs on the kitchen deck in the evenings.  The white and black one seems to be a fraidy-cat.  The girlies seem to think we should name them.  I don’t know if I am ready for that, but as long as they are good little mice-hunters, they will be welcome here.

Over the weekend, Hubby asked me if I wanted to mow a bit and try out the new riding lawn mower.  He gave me a quick lesson (which I found entirely intimidating) and off I went.  I only got stuck in the weeds three times.  I secretly enjoyed it.  But please, don’t compare my side to Hubby’s side.  

One more coffee.  Then off to peruse my list and make some good things happen this week.

Happy Monday! 

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2 thoughts on “Going Rogue.

  1. I do enjoy reading your posts and love your easy, flowing style. Your cat photo is seriously powerful, those eyes are something else! Delighted you popped by Seasonal Celebration and that you're settling nicely into country life. Haven't as yet tried a rid-on lawn mower, sounds rather fun though!


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