Presidential Pause.

It’s okay.  I am fully aware of my nerd status.  I love American history.  Especially presidential history.  I read about it in my spare time.  (I remain heartbroken that following the laundry room crisis, I had to dispose of several beloved presidential history volumes that have yet to be replaced.)

I home school my girls and you better believe we talk about such things whenever the opportunity presents itself (and even when it doesn’t).  

Our recent President’s Day this past Monday definitely presented opportunity for discussion of our fine heritage.  We did trivia and coloring sheets and watched a video about Lincoln’s boyhood.  

I was in heaven until…

I heard my two oldest girls squabbling in the other room.

“Why don’t you just go to Washington D.C.!” 

Alright.  Lesson over.  I think we have all had enough.  

(I suppose she could have uttered something slightly worse…)

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Check out this video.  Every president.  Face-morphed.  Just like you’ve always wanted.


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