Fresh discovery is a wonder.  


My fabulous hubby truly surprised me this past Christmas with a new coffee grinder.  It’s entirely superb and just the thought of using it is enough to propel me out of bed in the morning.  This morning, creativity struck unusually early (before coffee… a serious marvel in itself).  I tossed a bit of cinnamon stick into the grinder along with my beloved beans. 


Nevermind the fact that this Iowa winter is breaking century-old weather records with 60 degree temperatures this week.  I close my eyes, warm cup in hand, and envision a winter wonderland.  The weatherman is suggesting my wish may come true this weekend, in which case, we will finally be breaking out the sleds.  (Woohoo!)

In the meantime, it is 61 degrees and I am taking the kidlets to the library… on foot.

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