Tea is for Tacos.

Don’t get me wrong.  Coffee is truly unrivaled in my kitchen.  I savor every drop.  

There is Morning Coffee.  

Mid-morning coffee.  

Afternoon coffee (often accompanied by some home-baked goodness).  


There is just so much to love about coffee.


I can hardly stomach a day without my evening tea.  I prefer peppermint, sometimes with just a smidge of honey.  I can’t imagine a more perfect nightcap than losing myself in a lovely book by low lamplight and sipping hot tea.

Besides being wildly relaxing, one of my favorite benefits to drinking hot peppermint tea is the way it aids indigestion and eases stomach discomfort.  I have always had a sensitive stomach, although I find as I get older I am learning to love more spicy foods (like the insane amounts hot taco sauce I sloshed onto my tacos earlier this evening after which I often spend the evening lying on the couch thinking, “Why me?”)  Tonight, I conducted a pre-emptive strike on my impending stomach woes by taking my tea early… and no problem

Peppermint tea is also believed to aid in mild asthma, vomiting, and headaches.  During pregnancy, it was the only thing that helped me survive morning sickness and heartburn and its stress-relieving properties are unmatched (except only perhaps by coffee).

And with that my friends I say…


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2 thoughts on “Tea is for Tacos.

  1. Kelly, I just love your blog. You are so insightful and a beautiful writer. Your real life moments make me smile! (from another coffee lover)


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