Mama said.

I have learned so much about myself through the words my children repeat during their playtime.   For example, my little Lovey often has this exact conversation on her phone: 

“Hello?  I don’t know.  Goodbye.”


I pray to God that I don’t sound quite that incompetent on the phone.  Her new favorite mommy-isms include:  
“I’m sick of this.”
“That’s inappropriate.”
“I need some privacy.”
Could be worse, I suppose.
There are many things in my world that would seem entirely absurd when considered out of the context of a mommy situation. 

Top 10 actual things that have come out of my mouth:

1.  Thank you for the “big butt” comment.  I will never wear these jeans again.
2.  When can you use a Sharpie?  Absolutely never.
3.  Who’s been eating my deodorant?  Again? 
4.  Thanks for decorating my bed with the large “stickers” you found in the bathroom drawer. Now let’s clean up before your father see this…
5.  Please, remove your pet crickets from the Barbie castle.  They are forever banished to the outdoors.
6.  Yes, you may have cookies for breakfast… as long as you’re sharing.
7.  I am pretty sure that my lasagna does not taste like old socks.
8.  No, you cannot put a dress and a wig on the vacuum and call her Lola.
9.  Please, stand still.  That’s only a little poo in the shape of spider on your toe.
10.  Yes, of course, I love you more than coffee.

Please, don’t judge me.  We all have moments.

I’d love to hear about yours…  

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