Dear Grandma.

It is the one time a year I purchase processed cheese, (usually in the form of Velveeta), in a vain attempt to replicate your famous homemade mac & cheese. 

I am pretty organic and whole-grainey these days.  It goes against nearly all I believe in when it comes to food, yet Thanksgiving dinner isn’t quite the same without the creamy, indulgent richness of my favorite childhood dish.

My attempt has ended in utter failure yet again.  It has been 2 1/2 years since you passed and even longer since I’ve tasted such decadence.  (The dementia took you far too early…)  

I have followed your recipe with diligence and I have tweaked your recipe thinking something might be wrong and I just can’t get it right.  I admit, I don’t add all the food coloring you used to, but certainly that can’t be it.  I am inclined to believe there were secrets in your head that you never bothered to write down.  How I wish I had the chance to glean more kitchen wisdom from you before you went home.

Perhaps it’s just as well.  Maybe it’s time the macaroni and cheese becomes shelved as a beloved childhood memory.  Sometimes new traditions are worth establishing…

Rest assured, however, Grandma… I have definitely mastered your yeast rolls and in that fact, I rejoice.

Love you forever and always.


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