Happy Birthday, Ladybug!

She is 5 today. 

Am I the only mom that feels infinitely emotional about every one of her kids’ birthdays?  They seem so eager to grow up.  And I long to keep them small.  I expect this will only get more difficult with time…

She is my ladybug.  That is what we have called her since birth.  She is so snuggly, sweet and sensitive.  Her tenderhearted spirit is unmatched.  And she is silly.  Oh, how this child makes me laugh.  Her giggle is entirely infectious and everyone who knows her, loves to hear her laugh.

Ladybug is sophisticated in her tastes.  When planning her special day today, I asked her about all the things she would like me to make.  I was thinking along the lines of chocolate cake and pizza… but no.  

For her cake, she requested our family’s favorite pumpkin cake recipe, Harvest Bars(Not gonna complain about that!)  For dinner she has asked for “Daddy’s Chinese.”  My dear hubby rarely cooks, but not because he can’t.  He is just too darn busy all the time.  When he does, “Daddy’s Chinese” is one of his specialties.  I don’t know what else to call it.  It’s a combination of rice, chicken, steamed veggies, and our favorite classic stir fry sauce.  And its yummy.  (And I don’t have to cook dinner!!!)

She also asked that I take her to my favorite local coffee shop for spumoni gelato!  I’m telling you, this kid has great taste!  (I really must post about this newish coffee shop in our quaint little town.  It’s fabulously cozy and they serve gelato, gourmet chocolates and to-die-for cupcakes!)

We are planning a “Pinkalicous” birthday party (Ladybug’s favorite book character) in a couple weeks.  More to come on party planning later.

Going off the grid today to spend some time with my little lady…


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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ladybug!

  1. Yes, each birthday finds me reminiscing as well. It is harder in some ways as they get older. I too kinda wished they would stay little. Yet, as I see their God given talents and gifts emerge and start to see the adults that God made them to be, I am also excited for them. Savor every moment, and God will give you the grace to let go just a little at a time till those sweet girls are ready to fly!


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