Who approved this?

“Kid Tested, Mother Approved.”
Or so they say.  I just came home with a full box of Kix cereal.  My kids (and my sweet, adorable husband) begged me.  And now I remember why it has been so long since the last time I made this mistake.  (Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice… well I guess we know where the blame lies.)
Exactly which mother approved this???
I’d like her name, number and address, please.  
I don’t care how healthy it is.  Any woman who would condone the likes of a cereal that is shaped like a little ball really should be hauled away to the insane asylum (or maybe she just missed her morning coffee).
Top 3 Reasons:
1.  They are round.  This means they roll.  It doesn’t matter if you are 2, 7, or 32… they will inevitably end up on the floor.  And they will roll to kingdom come.  And I will be finding those dreadful balls for weeks on end.
2.  They are round.  (Redundant, yet highly relevant.)  My broom sends them rolling at warp speed every which way, but the right way.  My vacuum will not suck them up.  They are just big enough that they simply get pushed around the floor.  The hose attachment fares no better, as it clogs every time.  Perhaps this is a fatal flaw by my vacuum manufacturer, but a travesty none-the-less.  
3.  They are round (Oh, did I already mention this?)
Sorry, kids (and Sweetheart).  Oatmeal has been reassigned to the breakfast menu until further notice.
Decaf?  No, it’s dangerous to dilute my caffeine stream. 
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5 thoughts on “Who approved this?

  1. I totally relate to your post! Hysterical. That cereal is right up there on a par with that hideous slime they always give to kids at parties etc…you know the one that lands on the furniture and new clothes and ruins them?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to connecting with you in the blogosphere.


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