T minus 6 days.  School begins in less than a week, therefore its that most infamous of weeks at our house… practice week.  Practice going to bed early.  Practice rolling out of bed in the morning and not hitting the snooze button more than once.  Practice eating breakfast before 9:00 am.  Practice, practice, practice.  And I’m not even talking about the kids yet!

Seven days from now, my life will become considerably more complicated. 

I have grand ambitions for this year to be… better.  Not that last year was bad, but it definitely could have been… better.  I love this quote from Jill Churchill that says, “The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”  I am really trying to be a good one.

I often hear my would-be-mountain-man husband quote this from his favorite survivalist, Bear Grylls:  “10% more effort equals 100% more comfort.”  Although Mr. Grylls is often referring to the likes of crafting a bed of insulating leaves to preserve body heat in a some remote corner of the world, this little slice of brilliance has profoundly impacted the way we run things around here.

It’s really in the little things.  Planning out a menu for the week.  (thus avoiding consecutive nights of frozen pizza and deli sandwiches).  Laying out clothes the night before (thus avoiding various discussions on why the Tinkerbell shirt and cannot go with the Ariel leggings).  Packing tomorrow’s lunch before bedtime (thus avoiding the realization that we are out of sandwich bread 10 minutes before the girls dash out the door). 

Most days it is all I can do to keep my toddler from eating my deodorant, “washing” her hair with lotion, or decorating her room with the “mommy stickers” she found in the bathroom drawer.  (Believe it or not, all of those things really happened yesterday… before 10:00 am.) 

I am learning to pare down my priorities, weeding out the good from the best.  I am working to bring a sense of balance to my home and to cultivate an environment for my family to do the same.  It certainly won’t be perfect, but it can be pretty darn good.

So as we sail into another busy school year, I am determined to laugh more, stress less, and revel in every moment I am given, whether they be sticky or sweet.

And, as always, there will be coffee

Tuesday BONUS:  Pour yourself an extra cup and enjoy my favorite version of one of my favorite songs… 


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