Some days unfold exactly like you expect them to.  Others do not.  Today… did not, but delightfully so.

My morning began with this prompt declaration coming from the vicinity of my sweet Peanut’s bedroom… “My tooth is still here!”  Oh, snap!  This “tooth fairy” went to bed early last night and unintentionally shirked her duties.  (Hello Monday!  Happy to see you arrived in style.)

Ultimately, the kid lucked out, because the tooth fairy will be paying double tonight.

I later found my little Lovey’s clothes in a pile on the stairs. (Oh no.  Somewhere in this house, there is a naked baby.)  I am certain I do not have to elaborate on the mayhem that can arise with a naked baby on the loose.  My Ladybyg soon discovered our toddler hiding under daddy’s desk with a bottle of deep purple nail polish… open, of course… and generously applied to all areas exposed.  (Which was pretty much everything.)

Ultimately, Lovey was bathed in acetone to remove all the evidence and I was just happy knowing she had the forethought to remove her clothing beforehand.

After devouring our evening family feast, we all headed to the backyard to enjoy a cool summer night and watch the kids spin themselves silly on the tire swing.  Then the phone rang.  Our unbelievably awesome friends invited us over to hand-pick corn from their cornfield!  We pile in the van, and… then the phone rang… again.  The Man is called to a quick work meeting… sooo… detour.  We wait 20 minutes while I entertain the kids with my less-than-spectacular basketball skills, then we were off to our originally intended destination.

Ultimately, I learn that my free throw needs a considerable amount of practice and we relish a lazy summer night “down on the farm” with good friends.

And now I’m here.  And I’m tired.  And my Monday post will be posted on what is technically Tuesday since midnight has come and gone but…

Ultimately, I am home.  Where I can roll with the unexpected.  And find joy amid the bedlam.  And the coffee is always hot.


2 thoughts on “Musings.

  1. I enjoy your blog so much. You are a very talented writer. Reading your stories takes me back to when my boys were little. So many precious moments amidst all of the chaos.


  2. On some days, ignorance is bliss – You're a great mommy and I love you very much. Make sure to take pictures so I don't miss a moment especially a funny one like my naked daughter under my desk with nail polish. :o)


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