8 days and counting.  I continue to fight a fierce summer cold  and I hope to be on the other side of it very soon.  I have consumed copious amounts of coffee to counter my ailments… sweet balm of Gilead. 

This morning, I again awoke in a congested stupor, stumbling down the stairs and into the kitchen for my beloved brew.  I propped myself up against the kitchen counter and waited…  and waited… and waited… but the familiar din of my coffee machine was strangely absent, replaced by an angry hiss. 

I retraced my steps in my feeble morning mind.  Filter.  Coffee.  Oh.  And then the light bulb.  Water!  You must add water to make coffee. 

It’s mornings like these that require a sort of “pre-coffee” just to make coffee.  I’m not sure how that would work exactly, but I think someone should look into it.

Now that I’ve got my fix, I am ready to enjoy a beautifully lazy Saturday with my sweet family.  I am beside-myself-giddy that my grocery store has Starbucks coffee on sale for $7.98!!!  So first order of business… buy more coffee.  And filters.  Out of those, too.

Happy weekend, Everybody!!!

Thanks to for the awesome pic.


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