It’s 10:30 pm.  It is still 86 degrees outside with a heat index of 102.  More of the same for the rest of the week.  I am not made for this!  Seriously, I am one of those people that could live quite comfortably in Alaska. 

Lucky for me, the a/c in our minivan is being characteristically tempermental.  I bravely ventured out of the house to take my girls to tumbling (only 2 blocks away) and then a quick trip to the grocery store (just barely across this little town).  Me and my sweet babies were swimming in sweat by the time we got home.

My menu for the week has been blown to smithereens by this weather event… no way am I turning on that oven!  We beat the heat with subs, salads and ice cream for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m thinking wraps or pitas, but then that would require another trip out in this mess.  Ay yi yi.

Please, forgive my grumpiness.  I am hanging in there, but until then, you can find me in front of the fan sipping an iced mocha.


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