To infinity and beyond.

Or at least Wisconsin.  I just returned from our first real camp out with our girls.  It was a great time, although I completely understand why my parents did not take my sisters and I camping until we were older.  We are tent campers… none of that rosy RV business for us.  It poured the very first night and we spent the remainder of our trip drying out.  The kids found every bit of mud they could to infiltrate… well everything.  (Glad I was thinking like a mom and packed twice as much clothing as I thought we would need!)

We had a fabulous quiet, secluded campsite, however, my girls were ravenously adventurous about EVERYTHING.  When we first arrived after our 6 hour drive, my sweet 4-year-old stood by the fire pit and after looking around, burst into tears.  After inquiring about this outburst, she very sincerely whined, “I need a TV out here!”  It was then and there that the Leapster, the Nintendo DS, and the portable DVD player were banned to the van.  Doggone it, these kids were gonna learn how to enjoy the outdoors. 

We were dealing with a triple threat here:  fire, water, and train tracks.  Yes, we were camping right on the lake, with a continuous fire burning, and only about 30 feet from active train tracks!  Thank God, the train seemed to only run at night after we were settled in the tent, but this girl nearly lost her mind keeping those 3 rugrats in the “safety zone!”  Perhaps I should also mention that about 2 am on our last night of camping, we had the pleasure of listening to a bobcat tear into his evening meal, accompanied by fierce yelping… yeah, not much sleep came after that.

At least I had the forethought to bring along a case of Starbucks Mocha Frappucino, because this trip was thoroughly exhausting.  We really had an amazing time and the girls loved every moment (well most of the moments, I think.)  So as much as I love the outdoors and camping, I think I can speak for Lee and I both that we have had enough “kid camping” to last the rest of the summer. 

On a happy note, while on vacation, I found an incredible cookbook full of all mushroom recipes!!!  I’ll probably be posting about this some more later… can’t wait to try it out. 

Pardon me while I recuperate from my vacation.  Curling up with a cozy cup of Chamomile tea and turning in early.  🙂


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