Guilty as charged…

I did it.  I bought paper products… like kitcheny sorts of paper products.  I know.  I’m weird, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought paper napkins or paper plates.  Other than buying toilet paper and Kleenex, we are pretty green in that area.  We use cloth napkins and instead of paper towels, a good ‘ol kitchen towel seems to work just as well, if not better. 

I think my mother still shudders at the extra work of laundering such things, but when you’re already doing laundry for an entire household, what’s a trifle more?  There has been more than one occasion where my mother brings over disposable plates, cups, plasticware, paper towels and napkins because she is concerned about this.  She’s amazing and I love her.  I LOVE YOU MOM!  See?

So why the paper products???  Camping, of course!!!  This will be our first camping trip since I have had kids.  I am sure its going to be terribly interesting in a good way, and I’m almost 98% certain I will forget something important even though I started my list weeks ago.  So if anyone has any “green” camping ideas, I’d love to hear them! 

I did buy paper plates so they can easily be disposed of in the campfire.  I also bought paper napkins (which happen to be recycled so that’s a plus!).  I plan to refill our reusable water bottles so we do not have to use plastic cups, which cannot be easily disposed of in the campfire. 

I am also completely thrilled about the new insect repellent I have found!  I have often read of recipes for repellent, but have never ventured to try them.  I have a hard time slathering myself (or my kids) up with chemicals so I’m always looking for the most natural (and effective) alternative.  When I saw Coleman Botanicals Insect Repellent on the shelf, I instantly snatched it up, ignoring the nearly $5 price tag for only 4 oz.    Its deet-free and contains Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.  It seems to work really well so far.  One day at the park last week I came home completely eaten alive.  The next day I used the spray and not one bite! 

So I am off to pack and my resume my incessant list-making…


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