Life, Love & Coffee

Can I trust this day?  It is Monday, after all.  I stand in the midst of what is historically one of the most insanely busiest 2 weeks of my life every year.  I use the term “stand” very loosely.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am suspended by puppet strings, otherwise known as COFFEE.  Oh heavenly brew… what would I do without you?

Yesterday, my darlings danced and tumbled their little hearts out at dance recital and this mama couldn’t be prouder.  So in the end, all the money, costumes, makeup, endless chauffeuring and rehearsals were completely worth it.  Just look…

So now that dance is over for the summer, you would think we would be bored for the next few months.  But no fear!  This week begins T-Ball, Mega Sports Camp, 4-H Day Camp AND the summer reading program at the library. 
One word.  Coffee.
And now that its hot, I’m on the prowl for a new great iced coffee recipe!  I’ll be posting it as soon as I find one…

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