Here goes…

So here I am in the blogosphere! I have entertained thoughts of starting a blog for a couple of years now so here goes nothin’. 🙂

My name is Kelly and I have a love affair with coffee (and on occasion a hot cup of tea.)  I believe there is nothing more comfortable than a well-loved pair of blue jeans and vintage T-shirt.  So grab a cup o’ joe and sit and read while. 

I have no intention of this being a journal so please, do not expect to ever see every gory detail of my life at home. You will, however, read plenty about my 3 little princesses.  I do not offer advice, although on the offchance I do come up with something rather good you can feel free to give me credit! (Totally kidding.)  I will never try to sell you something, but you will see plenty of things that I really love (that you just might fall in love with yourself!)

Roam around and check things out. I’ll be posting many of my favorite recipes and not just for food. There will also be recipes for things like homemade skin care and natural cleaning products.  I like to occasionally write poetry and I am especially intrigued by Haiku.  You will probably see that popping up somewhere along the way.

I am still getting the hang of this so don’t be surprised if you see things changing around here for awhile. 

Stay tuned… tomorrow I’ll introduce you to the family.


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